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Trenchless Technology

We are the top service provider in the Las Vegas area for trenchless and the only company that offers the widest options for the technology.

When looking for having any of these services performed on your property, choose a local company that is here in the community and understands how Las Vegas operates.

Cured In Place Pipe "CIPP"

A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method used to repair existing pipelines. It is a jointless, seamless pipe lining within an existing pipe. As one of the most widely used rehabilitation methods, CIPP has applications in sewer, water, gas, and chemical pipelines ranging in diameter from 2" to 110". The process of CIPP involves inserting and running a felt lining into a preexisting pipe that is the subject of repair. Resin within the liner is then exposed to a curing element to make it attach to the inner walls of the pipe. Once fully cured, the lining now acts as a new pipeline.

Here at IES we only use state if the art products and align our self with reputable manufactures that stand behind their products and warranty's.

Liner B&A.png

Point Repair

The point repair process shares points of the CIPP method, the lining material is composed of a felt or fiberglass tube that is coated with epoxy. Once the material is coated then it is placed on an inflatable bladder that gets positioned in the pipe through the closest open access. It is positioned over the damaged pipe area, then the bladder is inflated to press the coated material against the pipe, holding the material in place until the resin is cured. This process usually takes 2 to 3 hours and can be performed without the need of bypass.

PR Before and After.png

Pipe Coating

Specifically designed for drains and sewer lines ranging from 1 1/4 inches up to 6 inches. Using a resin coating system comprised of a specially formulated two-part resin. This resin coating is applied to the inside of deteriorated pipes using a specially designed brush and Coating Pump. This creates a pipe within a pipe that is damp proof, corrosion resistant, wear resistant and non-corrosive. This process reduces friction, meaning flow is enhanced which minimizes potential blockages.

Before and After Casting_2.png

Triplex Manhole Liner System

This system allows us to line lift stations, grease traps and other various manholes. Restores structures to like new stages with a 20 year warranty and a 100 year life span.

Before and After Manhole.jpg

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a method where an existing pipe is opened and forced outward by a bursting system. A hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head is pulled through the existing pipeline using a cable and winch. As the expansion head is pulled through the existing pipe, it bursts that pipe outward until it breaks apart, creating a space for the new pipe. The bursting device pulls a new HDPE welded pipe behind it replacing the old pipe. This method can be used to replace existing pipe with similarly sized or larger pipe

Pipe Burst Before and After.jpg


When a CIPP method is used to repair a sewer pipeline, the new pipe cures against the surface of the original sewer pipe and blocks off the lateral lines that are tied into that pipe. These laterals are usually to each house or coming from a different area of a building tie-ing into the about to be CIPP repaired pipe. Once the new pipe cures, openings need to be cut in (reinstated) on the new pipe to allow wastewater to flow from the existing lateral lines into the newly repaired pipe.

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