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MMC Industrial and Environmental Services

Our Facility is the only zero discharge facility in Nevada. Able to evaporate 40 million gallons per year using our evaporation ponds. We accept nonhazardous liquids with an approved profile. With our Grit Pad, we can take disposables such as; Sand-Oil Waste, Mining Water, High Solids Liquid, Laundry and much more. With residual solids from our chemical and mechanical process sent for thermal treatment or landfill. All solids that can be recycled will be recycled to various industries. Our recycling plant is setup for grease trap waste, used cooking oil for treatment and recycling. With 250,000 Gallons per day of intake and processing capacity. Recycling recovered products are for power and fuel production

  • Open to 3rd Party Waste

  • Profile Approval Within 24 Hours

  • Gradle to Grave Compliance

  • On-Site Scale For Load Reporting 

  • Truck Washout Service Provided 

Waste Water Treatment Facility: Welcome
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